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About Us

Our company's name is Fire Stop Technologies and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and inform you of our capabilities regarding the fire stop industry. In today's field of construction, there is a growing awareness and enforcement of the use of fire protection products installed in accordance with the approved tested systems. Fire Stop Technologies was developed to provide the industry with complete installation of fire protection products for every application in any structure in which fire could threaten life safety or the soundness of the structure.

Fire Stop Technologies, Inc. is proud to be a "UL Qualified Fire Stop Contractor" as well as a "Hilti Accredited Fire Stop Contractor" (HAFSC) at their highest or "Platinum" level. We are also an active member of the Fire Stop Contractors Association (FCIA).

Fire Stop Technologies is a specialty contractor able to provide qualified, tested and approved systems for the widest variety of penetrating items and conditions, as well as any head of wall, perimeter, or expansion joint treatments that may be required. Each system is designed to maintain the integrity of the wall or floor being penetrated. Fire Stop Technologies also specialized in maintaining specific ratings for grease ducts and air pressurization ducts by using a space saving drywall shaft alternative fire rated duct wrap.

Fire Stop Technologies is dedicated solely to fire protection for new construction, renovation, and maintenance. Fire Stop Technologies specializes in consulting, estimating, and professional installation by trained and qualified installers. We are capable of any installation of fire stop required on the entire project.

Some advantages of allowing Fire Stop Technologies to do all of the fire stopping for the complete scope of work would include:
  1. The proper systems required would be identified by Fire Stop Technologies for whatever circumstances arise on the project. We would also select and submit the necessary systems, cut sheets, and MSDS sheets needed for the entire project.
  2. Professional installation by a trained, qualified individual. This will allow you to use your employees to their full potential in their own line of expertise.
  3. The entire fire stop project will be managed completely by Fire Stop Technologies, leaving you more time to oversee and manage your other responsibilities.
  4. Fire Stop Technologies will reduce your responsibility of the unlimited liability that accompanies each installation, as well as provide the paperwork needed to document the work showing that it has been correctly designed and installed. This documentation will also make it easier to manage the work and ensure its completion throughout the entire project. A fire stop label will also be placed next to each penetration, making inspections quicker and easier. This allows the actual system used to be indicated right next to each fire stop application, which will instill a comfort level in any inspector.
  5. Fire Stop Technologies also has the capability of acquiring Engineered Judgments from the fire stop manufacturers in the instance that there is no tested system for the application that is to be addressed.
With an office in St. Louis, Missouri, and one in Taylorville, Illinois (near Springfield) we are equipped to assist your company in any way, for all of your fire protection needs.

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