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Fire Stop Technologies is dedicated to building a franchise family that is dedicated to being the most complete full service sole source specialty contractors in the construction industry. Fire Stop Technologies Franchisees are able to provide installed tested and approved systems or Engineered Judgments for the widest variety of penetrating items and conditions, such as electrical, plumbing, ductwork, piping, controls, etc. We also address the head of wall, perimeter, or expansion joint treatments that may be required to maintain the hourly ratings of the floor or wall assemblies used to compartmentalize fire and smoke in a facility. Fire Stop Technologies also specializes in installing fire rated plenum wrap and duct wrap products.

We assist our customers in every aspect of the fire stopping necessities that are required on each project, including but not limited to design, estimating, hole size schedules and installation. We perform this work with the experience, coordination, and the correct jurisdictions necessary to keep a project on schedule, within budget, and will also maintain complete harmony of the construction personnel on site.

One aspect that really sets Fire Stop Technologies apart is the documentation for each penetration. This documentation will provide a timeline for the penetrations and joints that were addressed during the construction phase of the project, which will separate them from the endless number of penetrations that are created when the job is complete and turned over to the Owner. A FSA Label is also placed next to each penetration for an easy inspection process.

In accordance to our ongoing commitment to education and leading the industry, we keep our franchisees up to date with the latest and most technologically advanced materials and systems available. Because of our long-standing relationship with Hilti, we are able to request testing scenarios that we think will be beneficial to the industry.

Fire Stop Technologies reduces the headaches of liability, coordination, schedules, and inspections that are associated with fire stopping on our customer's projects.

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